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Cartonplast Group is the leading provider of reusable plastic layer pads on a rental base which are used for the transportation of glass-, cans and PET-containers to provide hygienically safe, efficient and cost-effective transport, in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. By utilising modern cleaning technologies, effective service and logistics processes, and advanced recycling processes, Cartonplast occupies a world leading position in the industry. Cartonplast operates 18 service- and logistics centers in Europe, Russia, Turkey and South Africa. Subsidiaries are etablished in Latin America, Australia and U.S.A. The company is headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany.

The Products

Plastic layer-pads, made from polypropylene are the hardware of our Pool System. The material properties and surfaces are fully-coordinated with our logistics process.
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The Pool System

Cartonplast offers a worldwide-proven system for the safe, efficient and cost-effective handling, transport and storage of glass, metal and plastic containers.
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Innovative reusable plastic pallet for all areas of the glass container industry exclusively from Cartonplast

A specially developed plastic pallet for the supply of glass containers within the food and beverage industry.

Cartonplast Group has developed a new reusable pallet specifically for the logistics of glass container production.

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Cartonplast Best Practice for transporting glass, cans and PET-containers

How plastic layer pads make production processes efficient and flexible

Cartonplast Group (CPL) offers Europe's most successful outsourcing transportation system with plastic layer pads (PLPs) on a rental basis for glass, cans and PET containers. The following CPL best practice examples provide insights into the practice of the work processes of two different companies and show concrete and positive changes.
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