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Hand in hand with the industry and with years of experience, we are able to anticipate peaks in demand - here we can react in advance.

Availability of products

With more than 50 million plastic layer pads, we operate the largest pool in Europe. And should these ever not be enough, we have very close relationships with our suppliers, who on the one hand serve us with priority and on the other hand keep safety stocks ready for us.


Since our entire organizational structure is also designed to meet the short-term requirements of our customers, we are able to provide you with our products within 48 hours.

Capacity of our washing lines

Every day we are serving our customers with more than 33 wash lines and therefore we have the necessary capacity to react quickly to increased requests. Our facilities in 12 countries are all networked together, allowing us to plan across borders in an organized manner and analyze our customers' needs in advance.


As quality standards are consistently high at each location within our network, we support each other in the event of unexpectedly high demand.

The Cartonplast Group looks forward to being a valuable partner at your side.

Benefit now and let us optimize your supply chain together!