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The Cartonplast story begins in 1967, when Karton S.p.A. was founded in Italy, specializing in the manufacturing of industrial packaging. Then, in 1978, Cartonplast developed and introduced polypropylene layer pads to the market.


Cartonplast Trading GmbH was then founded in Germany in the 1980s. Since that time, we have pooled all our knowledge around the safe transport of containers.


In the 1980s as well, Cartonplast began to develop an expansion plan to develop subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Poland, and Russia. This plan became a reality in the 1990s. Joint ventures were formed, new service solutions were integrated, and other companies were acquired and integrated into the Cartonplast business to expand our services. 


Finally, in 2010, Cartonplast Group GmbH was founded, and Cartonplast Trading GmbH was incorporated into it.


Meanwhile, we look at more than one service center in many of these countries, which makes our service highly flexible with a maximum targeted distance of 400 km to our customers. So today we are able to deliver exactly what our customers need within our pooling system and cover the complete management around RTPs - from delivery and collection, microbiological cleaning through servicing and re-delivery to our customers.


In 2019, DBAG Fund VII, initiated by Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), has acquired the shares of the Cartonplast Group.


Today, more than 750 employees in 12 countries work day by day for Cartonplast and do their best to provide our customers with the perfect pooling solution. 


As an innovative company, we are focusing on continuous improvements to optimize our equipment as well as our processes. Therefore, we invest in Artificial Vision Systems (3D-cameras and neuronal network systems) for constantly improvements of our service quality. 


We are always seeking for new technologies for repairing damaged Plastic Layer PADs to increase the reuse of plastic material and improve the sustainability of our Cartonplast pooling system. 


In the future, we will continue to follow our visions and work every day to become better and better. Whether in terms of service, product quality, efficiency, or sustainability. There is always plenty to improve.