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  • 2020

FAQ - COVID - Polypropylene layer pads

Dietzenbach, Germany, 28th April 2020 - Cartonplast (CPL) continuously evaluates the risks associated with the corona virus situation in all countries in which we operate. As our reusable polypropylene plastic layer pads are used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, we can confirm that there is no risk to the safety of our products and products transported with CPL plastic layer pads.

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Coronavirus: CPL has measures in place

Since early December 2019, there has been an increasing number of cases of respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) emerged from Wuhan, the capital of central China's Hubei province.

Most of the cases appeared within China, but the virus has started to spread in Europe in the last days.

Cartonplast is continuously evaluating the risks related to the coronavirus situation in all the countries where we operate. Based on the current status and our knowledge, herewith we confirm that there is no risk, which could lead to disruption of our operation activities.

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Report of the second event for manufacturers of glass and can containers, and fillers from the food industry at Cartonplast Poland in Myslowice

On Wednesday, February 5th, Cartonplast hosted guests from the several companies including one of the biggest worldwide breweries, an international producer of mineral water, a producer of instant coffee and an independent company for Polish glass art.

The future of disposable packaging, associated costs and the advantages of using reusable packaging were the main topics of the event.

In addition, Cartonplast's products and services were presented as an appropriate solution to the rapidly growing costs of cardboard, wood and other materials. In addition,The presentations, presented by Marek Kapusta, Managing Director of CPL Poland, focused on the positive aspects of hygiene, optimised logistic solutions and the global presence of the Cartonplast Group.

The Cartonplast team, represented also by Sebastian Brzozowski, Konrad Lebda, Beata Lubosik and Miłosz Staszewski spent   most of the  time with the guests in the production area. Special attention was paid to the handling of the plastic layer pads, as all the guests were very interested in this.

All our guests were positively impressed by the Logistics and Service Centre in Myslowice as well as the service processes presented for the recycling of the plastic layer pads.

We will continue this series of events as a reference point for the Cartonplast company.

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  • 2019

New site in Schweitenkirchen, Germany: Cartonplast Group has the future in mind

A modern production hall with 5,000 square meters ensures the growth of the successful outsourcing system of reusable transport products on a rental basis – with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification successfully completed within a short period of time

Dietzenbach, Germany, 27th November 2019 - In order to meet the demand for reusable transport layer pads, Cartonplast Group has invested in a new service and logistics center in Schweitenkirchen, Germany.

Cartonplast (CPL) opened a new service and logistics center in Schweitenkirchen at the end of October. In July, the 5,000 square metre hall was rented and after only three months of construction, the new location for the service of rentable reusable transport layer pads was put into operation. At the beginning of July, the installation of two ultra-modern, environmentally friendly cleaning systems for the plastic layer pads (PLPs) began. The installations were successfully completed within a very short time and the "three-shift operation around the clock" has been running since the end of October. 15 million PLPs are inspected here every year, hygienically cleaned and delivered to customers in the container industry (glass and PET containers and cans) and returned. Defective polypropylene intermediate layers are 100 percent recycled and processed into new ones, which are then reintroduced into the logistics cycle. The company currently has 20 new employees in Schweitenkirchen.

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Innovative reusable plastic pallet for all areas of the glass container industry exclusively from Cartonplast

A specially developed plastic pallet for the supply of glass containers within the food and beverage industry.

Dietzenbach, Germany, 20th November 2019 - Cartonplast Group has developed a new reusable pallet specifically for the logistics of glass container production.

The new plastic pallet has been developed with precise solutions for the logistics areas of the glass container industry. In particular, it ensures a trouble-free supply chain for glass containers within the beverage and food industries. Cartonplast (CPL) uses polypropylene (PP) or PP-recyclate to manufacture the pallet in compliance with international standards. The pallets are made with modern manufacturing processes and the manufacturing technology is transferable to every country in the world. The two different pallet variants weigh only 19 kg to 21 kg and, with 3 or 5 runners, and are perfectly matched to all locations in the logistics supply chain from glass container manufacturers to food and beverage bottlers.

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Cartonplast Group invests in the Polish service centre location Mysłowice

Cost efficiency and environmental friendliness due to reusable transport layer pads 

Dietzenbach, Germany, 16. October 2019 - Cartonplast Group is investing in the Polish service centre location in Mysłowice.

Cartonplast Poland was founded in 1987 as a company of the Cartonplast Group (CPL), headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany. CPL is Europe's leading operator of a pool system for reusable transport plastic layer pads (PLPs) on a rental basis. Its pads are used in 20 countries to transport glass, cans and PET containers to fillers in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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Cartonplast Group has successfully completed ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification at its French location in Dagneux

Certification confirms, that the company as European leader for reusable transport packaging solutions on a rental basis provides now also in France state of the art service to its customers

Dietzenbach, Germany, 08. October 2019 - On 3rd October 2019 Cartonplast France successfully completed the certification audits by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH according to ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

Cartonplast, the leading European supplier of reusable plastic layer pads on a rental basis has been certified in its French subsidiary Dagneux according to the international standard for food safety management system ISO 22000 and for quality management standard ISO 9001. A great effort of the whole local team in Dagneux, also thanks to cooperation with the other CPL subsidiaries.

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Deutsche Beteiligungs AG invests in Cartonplast Group GmbH

  • Leading European operator of a pool system for the rental of reusable plastic layer pads for the transport of food and beverage containers
  • Further growth via internationalisation and expansion of range of services

Deutsche Beteiligungs AG and DBAG-advised DBAG Fund VII are investing in Cartonplast Group GmbH, the leading European operator of a pool system for reusable plastic layers used mainly for the transportation of glass containers in the food and beverage industry. Within the scope of a management buy-out, DBAG and DBAG Fund VII will take over the majority stake in Cartonplast from the London-based financial investor Stirling Square Capital Partners.

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Cartonplast Group consolidates its operations in Brazil through a pioneering partnership with Casa Valduga, one of the best wineries in Brazil

Cartonplast Brazil  is the new service provider of Plastic Layer Pads for transporting bottles of wine and sparkling wine of Casa Valduga

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Cartonplast Group invests in three service centre locations

Increasing Global Demand for Efficient and Sustainable Reusable Transport Packaging Solutions

Cartonplast Group (CPL) is investing in three service centre locations: Dietzenbach (Headquarters), Germany - Essen, Germany - Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

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  • 2018

Introduction to Cartonplast Group - Transportation strategies for glass, cans and PET containers

In the modern explanatory format Cartonplast presents itself in its new company presentation. More up-to-date information on the new Cartonplast press page: Infographics, studies and surveys, corporate and product news, presentations, photos and video footage related to Cartonplast multi-way transport products and their use in practice.


Cartonplast Group strengthens its returnable transport packaging business with the acquisition of Green Plate

Cartonplast Group, Europe’s leading provider of mission-critical closed-loop logistics services to the food and beverage packaging industry, announces its acquisition of Germany-based Green Plate GmbH.

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Business was relocated to other sites after the fire in an external storage of the Cartonplast Service Center in Essen

After the fire in an external storage of the Service Center in Essen last night, Cartonplast Group is using its Europe-wide network successfully to ensure seamless supply for the customers. The supply of the customers serviced from this center with plastic divider layers for the transport of containers was taken over by other regional Cartonplast Service Centers in Germany and the Netherlands. 

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Cartonplast Group strengthens French presence with the acquisition of the French branch of Demes Palettenlogistik in Dagneux, France.

Cartonplast Group (“CPL”), Europe’s leading provider of plastic layer pad (“PLP”) closed-loop logistics to the food and beverage industry, has successfully completed the acquisition of the French branch of Demes Palettenlogistik GmbH in Dagneux, France (“Demes France”).

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  • 2015

Cartonplast Ibérica S.L.U. with new location in Barcelona

More than 4,600 sqm for Cartonplast

Cartonplast Group, the European market leader in the rental and service of plastic layer-pads used for the transportation of glass and PET containers and cans is proud to announce that Cartonplast Ibérica S.L.U. has opened a new state-of-the-art production facility within Spain at 2nd of March 2015 in Barcelona.

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The Cartonplast Group published its first comparative life cycle assessment of polypropylene and cardboard

This scientifically sound study identified "durability" as the most important factor in reducing environmental impact regarding plastic layer pads and their use for transport packaging in the container industry.

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The Cartonplast Group is DIN ISO 22000 certified and therefore lives up to its claim of being the market leader in plastic transport packaging.

The new certification places the company among the top European companies in transport packaging.

Successful certification for Cartonplast Group GmbH: the leading European provider of reusable plastic layer-pads on a rental basis, with its company headquarters in Dietzenbach/Germany, has been certified in accordance with ISO 22000, the international standard for food safety management systems. The company has therefore raised the bar even higher with respect to quality management and hygiene.

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  • 2014

Business has resumed at the Cartonplast Service Center after the major fire

After the fire at the Service Center of the Company’s headquarters in Dietzenbach, Cartonplast made every effort to get the business quickly re-established, and has been successful. The supply of the customers serviced from this Center with plastic divider layers for the transport of containers was taken over by other regional Cartonplast Service Centers in Germany.

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Cartonplast Group publishes its first sustainability report

The Cartonplast - Pool System: A sustainable business model for container transportation

For the first time Cartonplast Group has submitted a sustainability report for fiscal year 2013. Within this report Cartonplast informs all its stakeholders of its diverse activities in the fields of economics, environmental, and social, and sets clear goals for the future. The report, which will be published annually in the future, demonstrates that sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and enjoys a high priority within it. 

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  • 2013

Cartonplast Polska with a new production facility location

Cartonplast Group - the European leader in manufacturing, marketing, and servicing of polypropylene pads for the transportation of glass containers and cans for the food and beverage industry - has leased more than 3,640 sqm at Panattoni Park Mysłowice.  

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More than once

Packaging – and the resources and energy it consumes – is one of the major challenges facing the planet. It is therefore good to see a company within the logistics industry putting its energies not just into making money but into ways to reduce the environmental impact of its products as well. 

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  • 2012

Cartonplast finds strategic investor for international expansion course

Stirling Square Capital Partners is the ideal partner for the continuation of the successful "Pool System" business model in new areas of business, sectors and countries.

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Cartonplast Group at the TAROPAK

International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Logistics held on 8-11 October 2012 in Poznań - New sustainable logistics cycle by the Cartonplast Group at the TAROPAK - Poland / pavilion 1 / booth 51.

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CPL Plastic Packaging Solutions at the EXPO PACK

CPL Plastic Packaging Solutions is a company in the Cartonplast Group GmbH with its head office in Dietzenbach near Frankfurt am Main /  Germany - Convincing solutions with an innovative pool system at the EXPO PACK held on 26-29 June 2012 in Mexico City. 

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Cartonplast in 2012 again at the start of J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Motivation, fairness and team spirit are important values at the Cartonplast Group and all of our employees were support with the same spirit in this great charity-company run also.

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