Reliable Sustainability as a Product
Reusable Sustainability through Reuse
Recyclable Sustainability through Recycling

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of polypropylene and cardboard layer pads for transport*


Our preface to the study

Based on our guiding principle "Reliable, Reusable, Recyclable", our pool system, with its reusable plastic layer pads, was the focus of our first sustainability report in 2014 – a sustainable business model for the hygienically safe, efficient and economical transport in the container industry.

Following from that, we have developed a product life cycle assessment (LCA) of the plastic interlayers, because companies are currently assessed according to how "green" their environmental footprint is.

In our first LCA we compare polypropylene interlayers with cardboard interlayers and their impact on our environment. Both types of interlayers are used for the transportation of glass in the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our study was conducted by the Sustainserv GmbH (Zürich, Switzerland) in conformity with the requirements of ISO 14040/44. The TÜV NORD CERT environmental expert critically examined the study in order to verify the method and results of this LCA. The results of our scientifically sound investigation therefore provide reliable data on the effects of plastic interlayers used in our pool system on the environment as well as their benefits of being measurable, transparent and consistent.

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* The results of this study have specifically validity for the operational reality of Cartonplast and were verified in this context by TÜV. They are therefore not applicable to the products or business models of other companies.