Plastic Layer-Pads

Hygienic. Reusable. Environmentally friendly.

The star in our multi-use system

The innovative product in the centre of our unique pool system is the Cartonplast plastic layer-pad. It enables the complete automation of production processes, allowing transport and storage costs to be reduced significantly. Hygienic security is their most exceptional characteristic: The chemically and physically-safe surface of the layer-pads provides the ideal conditions for use in our Pool System. Machine stops and transportation risks from contaminated or insufficient cardboard packaging can be excluded. A reliable product for a constant logistics cycle.

Cartonplast keeps different types of layer-pads available for the Pool System, in order to meet customers’ every requirements - from the solid plastic layer-pad to the sandwich plastic layer-pad, to the corrugated plastic layer-pad with sealed edges. The layer-pads vary in thickness, surface finish and other physical properties, so that the full range of containers can be covered - from lightweight plastic to the heaviest champagne bottle.


New multi-use pallet for all sectors of the glass container industry

Multiple use pallet for the food and beverage industry

Smooth SurfacePerfect for hygienic products - no germs and bacteria

  • 2 Versions: 1200 x 1000 mm available with 3 feet and 5 feet
  • Complies with International Standards
  • Made of reusable plastic (Polypropylene) - 100% recyclable
  • RFID tags for lifetime tracking
  • Designed for multiple use
  • Weight of only 19 kg to 21 kg

Production lines

Cartonplast‘s plastic pallets have been designed with rubber inserts along the base to minimise wear and make them suitable for use on chain conveyors. The plastic pallets also have wide legs to fit different chain conveyor set ups.

They are also suitable for use with roller bands, the pallet having been designed to transfer its weight smoothly from one roller to another without deforming or bending, so keeping the load stable at all times.

For a pallet sample or further information please contact Cartonplast Group here.

*Registered utility model, EU-Design