The Cartonplast Pool System
A sustainable logistics cycle

Hygienic. Reliable. Cost-saving.

Using Cartonplast in your production and transport ensures highly-effective logistics processes, state-of-the-art cleaning technology and advanced recycling methods.
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Product Safety

Especially in the sensitive fields of transport and storage of containers for the beverage and food industry, a solution is needed that provides the products with the highest level of hygiene safety.
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Process Reliability

Cartonplast’s high standards for the continuously-monitored cleaning process meet with the strict requirements of the food and beverage industry.
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Cost Transparency

Outsourcing the handling and management of plastic layer-pads to the Cartonplast Pool System ensures huge cost advantages.
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Logistics Cycle

The Cartonplast Pool System is designed to actively manage and control the handling flow process.
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Environmental Friendliness

Recycling is one of our top priorities: If the plastic layer-pads are damaged they are removed from the Cartonplast Pool System and recycled in to raw materials for the manufacture of new layer-pads. This reusability helps to conserve our resources.
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Best Practice

Plastic layer pads (PLPs) are replacing cardboard intermediate layers for the transportation of glass, can and PET containers.
Best practice examples show: PLPs are a worthy replacement for cardboard intermediate layers. All the operating processes thus changed sustainably increase efficiency, lower the costs and yet retain high quality standards.
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