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Cartonplast Ibérica is advancing towards circularity with a specific SIRAP for its sector

Madrid, 18th Mar.2024

Cartonplast Ibérica, a company specialized in the management of reusable transportation packaging, announces the establishment and implementation of a SIRAP (Individual Producer Extended Responsibility System) for industrial circular packaging - specificallylayer pads and plastic pallets - aimed particularly at the glass and can production industries for the beverage and food sectors. Thanks to the validation of this SIRAP by the Community of Madrid (Spain), from now on, all reusable packaging placed on the market by Cartonplast Ibérica through it can be recognized by the identifying mark 'Property of Cartonplast Pool'.


This system, provided by the company to its clients and suppliers across the value chain, helps these businesses comply with current legislation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which entails the responsibility that any manufacturer has over their products, including the entire process from design and creation to waste management.

Cartonplast Ibérica advances in circularity with a specific SIRAP for its sector. Cartonplast launched this new project in 2023 for managing a closed and consolidated pool in a circular process, encouraging the recycling and reuse of industrial packaging. Through this circuit established by Cartonplast in Spain for over 28 years, the company acts as a "reusable packaging pool service provider", adding value to the supply chain and relieving the responsibilities of different actors: packaging manufacturers (glassmakers and can manufacturers), beverage and food packagers.


The Cartonplast SIRAP allows the company to assume all extended responsibility and management costs for its pool's layer pads and plastic pallets. This means that its customers won't have to join a SCRAP (Collective System), saving costs for these Cartonplast elements (layer pads and plastic pallets) and avoiding the need to provide individual company information to the SCRAP. They also won't have to provide mandatory information to MITECO such as Annual Declarations or Business Prevention Plans. Lastly, it also eliminates the responsibility to comply with legal objectives of prevention, reuse, recycling, and recycled content.


"Those who use single-use cardboard interlayers or wooden pallets instead of the Cartonplast System are obligated to assume responsibility for their management, join a Collective System (SCRAP), regularly provide information to Public Administrations, etc. With the establishment of this SIRAP in Cartonplast, we are simplifying this entire process for manufacturers and packagers in the Beverage and Food sector, while also providing a competitive and eco-efficient packaging solution," says Vanesa Arribas, Quality and Environment Manager at Cartonplast Ibérica.


"In essence, the investment our customers made in Cartonplast's reusable layer pads pool services now provides the opportunity for them to adapt in a very simple and competitive way to an increasingly demanding legal framework that clearly promotes reusable products and packaging," concludes José María Carrasco, CEO of Cartonplast Iberia.


Cartonplast Ibérica is dedicated to renting PP layer pad trays for hollow glass containers (with about 41 million movements in 2023) and, as a second line of business, marketing these same products, as well as plastic pallets, top frames, and PP layer pads for various uses. In 2022, its revenue reached €22.91 million, a 4% increase, with exports valued at €4.4 million to South America, France, and Italy. It has a staff of 65 employees spread across its plants in Parla -Madrid- and La Garriga -Barcelona-, and for 2023, it expected to reach €24.2 million, a 5.2% increase. It also has facilities in Figueira da Foz (Portugal), where it operates through Poolplaca Portuguesa de Plásticos Limitada, which has another 32 employees.