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Our philosophy

Packaging at its best – reliable, reusable, recyclable

Our Pool System has made us European market leaders in the field of reusable layer-pads for beverage and food containers. We also go further than providing advantages to the business challenges of a market by meeting our responsibilities to society and the environment. Sustainable concepts combine clients’ needs with the interests of business partners and our employees and, ultimately, the requirements of the environment in which all of these people work and live. So, for us, ‘being the best’ can only mean paying these diverse requirements the justice they deserve with long-term thinking. Our commitment is not only to high standards of product safety in our logistics chain, but also to the environmentally friendly use of resources.

Transport packaging of the very highest quality’ – how do we arrive at this self-confident statement? Our Pool System, with all of its active employees, systems and products, is completely reliable. The closed-loop system layer-pads are used again and again, and they are very environmentally friendly because they are completely recyclable - 100 percent. We set the highest hygiene security standards at every stage of the logistics chain, and those standards are verifiable: Multi-level control systems, involving both man and machine, ensure these requirements are always met. Internal and external audits confirm this.


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