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Le Groupe Cartonplast est le leader du marché d’emballages de transport réutilisables. Non seulement nous déplaçons plus de 300 millions de solutions d’emballages réutilisables chaque année, mais nous en déplaçons également dans divers domaines.

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Nov 2022
Corresponsables | Interview with Chema Carrasco
The main value we convey is the concept of Circularity, by which I mean the development of a packaging model that is genuinely sustainable.
Nov 2022
CPL Turkey installes solar system in Bursa
As Cartonplast Group, we continue to contribute to the world for a better future. With the solar energy system installed in our facility in Bursa, we have completed one of the investments we planned for a sustainable future.
Nov 2022
INTERVIEW | José María Carrasco, CEO and CFO at Cartonplast Ibérica
The parent company is a German based European multi-national. Cartonplast Ibérica covers the Spanish and Portuguese market. Our core business focuses on glass container and canning manufacturers. For instance, big glass manufacturers like Verallia, Vidrala and the BA Group are our key customers in the glass sector, while Ball and Crown are our major canning customers.
Nov 2022
Sustainability in Focus: Ecovadis Gold Medal
We proudly announce that Cartonplast (UK) just qualified for the Gold medal, a medal that places Cartonplast (UK) in the top 5% of companies. This comes after the news that Cartonplast Holding has joined Cartonplast Group GmbH and Cartonplast Ibérica S.L.U with EcoVadis silver medals.
Nov 2022
Cartonplast Ibérica presents its II Sustainability Awards
Cartonplast Ibérica, pioneer in the management of reusable transport packaging, has given its II Sustainability Awards, during a gala held in Madrid, to Mahou Group, in the category of Large Beverage filler(beers); to García – Carrión Group, in the category of Large Beverage filler(multiproduct); and to Verallia Iberia, in the category of Food and Beverage Packaging Manufacturer.
Oct 2022
Sustainability in Focus: Ecovadis Silver Medal
After receiving the silver medal ratings by EcoVadis for our two biggest subsidiaries, Cartonplast Group GmbH and Cartonplast Ibérica S.L.U. a while ago, we proudly announce that Cartonplast Holding just qualified for the silver medal too.



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