Reliable Sustainability as a Product
Reusable Sustainability through Reuse
Recyclable Sustainability through Recycling

“ Sustainability is fortunately becoming increasinglyimportant in our society. The Cartonplast Group has focussed on sustainability since the Company was founded. For us this means that our activities are geared towards ecological, social and economic objectives. The protection of our nature and satisfaction of our employees go hand in hand with our business success. “

 Serkan Koray, CEO Cartonplast Group


Our work processes play an important note in our surrounding habitat. That‘s why we take the responsibility of our work processes in the Company in harmony with man and nature very seriously. It is very important for us to provide a fair balance between our economic interests and our corporate responsibility - be it in contact with customers, suppliers, employees or other stakeholders. “

 Michael Heikenfeld , Managing Director & CSO Cartonplast Group