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Reliable Sustainability as a Product
Reusable Sustainability through Reuse
Recyclable Sustainability through Recycling

A sustainable cycle




Sustainability as a Product

  • resistance
  • use of environmentally friendly materials
  • standard of Hygiene
  • resource conservation
  • environmental badge: "Blue Angel"

Sustainability in Manufacturing

  • Durable polypropylene
  • energy efficient
  • low emissions

Social Sustainability

  • creation of sustainable jobs with excellent working conditions
  • collaborative dialogue with customers and suppliers

Sustainability through Reuse

  • longevity of the layer-pads
  • permanent reusability
  • low energy and water consumption in the layer pad-cleaning process
  • optimized transport routes
  • logistic cycle with intelligent collection coordination
  • innovative logistics cycle
  • work processes in harmony with the environment

Economic Sustainability

  • effective logistics processes
  • cost-efficient workflows
  • increased capital efficiency for our customers

Sustainability through Recycling

  • recycling of damaged pads
  • recycled material to manufacture new pads
  • without loss of quality

Environmental Sustainability

  • manufacture
  • reuse
  • recycle