The Cartonplast Pool System
A sustainable logistics cycle

A sophisticated multi-use system

Our plastic layer-pads are built for high levels of safety and longevity of use. The heavy-duty material gives Cartonplast products an average life expectancy of over five years. This not only helps ensure reliable logistics, but also economic cost calculations. In addition to our innovative products, the nationwide network of service stations is at the core of the Cartonplast Pool System cycle. As well as ensuring hygienic security in every phase of the process, the strategically-placed logistics centres and cleaning stations make for short distances between manufacturers and fillers.

The closed-loop, multi-use system is controlled by detailed stock management of each individual layer-pad. This ensures that the management of stock can be reliably planned and enables quick access to order quantities that are consistently available and variable.

Certified control mechanisms ensure that our depots have effective and verifiable cleaning results. We are committed to, and measure ourselves by the guidelines of the HACCP concept. The foundation of the validated Cartonplast cleaning process is a database (cleaning parameters, microbiological measurements, global migration values, etc.), which has been created over decades.

The Cartonplast Pool System
Complete process reliability