Plastic Layer-Pads

Hygienic. Reusable. Environmentally friendly.

The star in our multi-use system

The innovative product in the centre of our unique pool system is the Cartonplast plastic layer-pad. It enables the complete automation of production processes, allowing transport and storage costs to be reduced significantly. Hygienic security is their most exceptional characteristic: The chemically and physically-safe surface of the layer-pads provides the ideal conditions for use in our Pool System. Machine stops and transportation risks from contaminated or insufficient cardboard packaging can be excluded. A reliable product for a constant logistics cycle.

Cartonplast keeps different types of layer-pads available for the Pool System, in order to meet customers’ every requirements - from the solid plastic layer-pad to the sandwich plastic layer-pad, to the corrugated plastic layer-pad with sealed edges. The layer-pads vary in thickness, surface finish and other physical properties, so that the full range of containers can be covered - from lightweight plastic to the heaviest champagne bottle.


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