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Innovative reusable plastic pallet for all areas of the glass container industry exclusively from Cartonplast

November 20, 2019


A specially developed plastic pallet for the supply of glass containers within the food and beverage industry.


Cartonplast Group has developed a new reusable pallet specifically for the logistics of glass container production.

The new plastic pallet has been developed with precise solutions for the logistics areas of the glass container industry. In particular, it ensures a trouble-free supply chain for glass containers within the beverage and food industries. Cartonplast (CPL) uses polypropylene (PP) or PP-recyclate to manufacture the pallet in compliance with international standards. The pallets are made with modern manufacturing processes and the manufacturing technology is transferable to every country in the world. The two different pallet variants weigh only 19 kg to 21 kg and, with 3 or 5 runners, and are perfectly matched to all locations in the logistics supply chain from glass container manufacturers to food and beverage bottlers.


Clever Handling - Perfect and Stable in Practice

The pallet solves critical stability problems encountered with 3-foot pallets under heavy unpacked loads such as glass bottles. Usual wooden pallets with three runners become unstable when high loads impact the pallet surface at certain points, as is typical for unpacked stacked glass containers. On the conveyor or during lifting, the pallet can twist so much that the load slips or is damaged. To avoid this, six U-shaped crossbars are integrated in the upper side of the pallet, which run across the entire width. On the model with five skids, two further connections between the longitudinal skids on the underside provide additional stability.


Technically Especially - Perfect for Shrink Wrapping Machines


Thanks to the wide skids, the pallets can be used on a wide variety of installations and are fully suitable for use on chain conveyors. Rubber inserts in the floor increase grip and reduce wear. When used on roller transporters, the pallet transfers its weight evenly and twist-free from roller to roller, keeping the load stable at all times. The pallet is suitable for lifting platforms and lifting tables of automatic shrinking machines. The floor and the spacing of the skids correspond to those of conventional wooden pallets and no adjustment of the control is necessary. The uniform edge at the top edge of the pallet forms a "collar" and allows a completely circumferential seal between the shrink film and the pallet. With the rounded corners and small notches, a stable connection is created which secures the glass containers ideally for transport and prevents them from slipping.


"Customers are very positive about our new plastic pallets for the transport of glass containers. An important argument for their use is also the multi-stage, fully automated production and logistics processes in the glass container industry. Due to modern warehouse automation, precisely fitting and high-quality designed pallets are in high demand 2 internationally," explains Thomas Grimm, Head of Supply Chain Management, Cartonplast Group.


Intelligent Pallets with RFID

CPL is currently building a rental pool of RFID tagged pallets at European level. Real-time tracking is provided by automated identification, controlled by CPL, which eliminates the need to manually capture pallets. The data of the entire supply chain is reliably documented and can be retrieved at any time. This precise pallet identification improves inventory management and the various transport processes. The pallets can be cleaned in the CPL service centres. Prior to the environmentally friendly cleaning process in ultra-modern washing plants, the condition is checked and whether special cleaning is necessary for heavy soiling. The smooth plastic surface guarantees high cleaning capability without leaving behind germs and bacteria - in line with the high hygiene requirements of food and beverage manufacturers. After cleaning, the final quality check is carried out and the pallets are prepared for renewed delivery to the customers. "The new pallet ideally expands our reusable transport product offer with the already available layer pads and top frames. This means we can now offer for our customers an allencompassing closed offer, the complete one-stop service or individually as required. This is an important milestone for Cartonplast and for our international growth targets," says Serkan Koray, CEO of Cartonplast, "Direct contact with our customers and partners is very important to us. This gives us valuable input and enables us to improve our services, products and processes," adds Michael Heikenfeld, CSO of Cartonplast.


Rationalizing transport processes - One-Stop Packaging at its best

The stock of pallets can be quickly increased in the event of capacity bottlenecks - for example due to seasonal factors - without customers having to tie up their capital. Storage space becomes available and there are no disposal costs for damaged pallets. Glass container-, food- and beverage producers that already use CPL Plastic layer pads (PLPs) benefit from the one-stop service. The use of Cartonplast PLPs and pallets in combination with production and transport processes improves logistics processes through increased delivery and pick-up frequencies, as well as improved truck utilisation – ensuring that the cost of logistics processes are reduced. Cartonplast, as Europe's leading operator of a pool system for reusable PLPs, closely monitors international best practices methods to provide customers with the best possible added value. CPL increases the influence of its rentable reusable transport products also through cooperation with customers and partners. The Cartonplas PLPs are currently used at more than 130 production sites in 20 countries to transport glass, cans and PET containers to over 7,500 filling plants.