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New site in Schweitenkirchen, Germany: Cartonplast Group has the future in mind

November 27, 2019


A modern production hall with 5,000 square meters ensures the growth of the successful outsourcing system of reusable transport products on a rental basis – with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification successfully completed within a short period of time.


In order to meet the demand for reusable transport layer pads, Cartonplast Group has invested in a new service and logistics center in Schweitenkirchen, Germany.


Cartonplast (CPL) opened a new service and logistics center in Schweitenkirchen at the end of October. In July, the 5,000 square metre hall was rented and after only three months of construction, the new location for the service of rentable reusable transport layer pads was put into operation. At the beginning of July, the installation of two ultra-modern, environmentally friendly cleaning systems for the plastic layer pads (PLPs) began. The installations were successfully completed within a very short time and the "three-shift operation around the clock" has been running since the end of October. 15 million PLPs are inspected here every year, hygienically cleaned and delivered to customers in the container industry (glass and PET containers and cans) and returned. Defective polypropylene intermediate layers are 100 percent recycled and processed into new ones, which are then reintroduced into the logistics cycle. The company currently has 20 new employees in Schweitenkirchen.


"With an increased service capacity in Southern Germany, we can guarantee fast delivery times due to the shortened transport routes and store the layers pads for the service orders professionally until they are called off. With this growth in investment, the highly modern cleaning systems and our highly motivated employees, we are meeting all future challenges," says Olaf Langenstein - Production Manager Germany.


Investment in sustainable business development and commitment to reuse

CPL is investing a total of around two million euros in the new plant, which is to be expanded in the future. Next year it is planned to also clean plastic pallets at this location. The newly developed pallets, especially for the glass container industry, are very well received on the market and this also made this growth step necessary to expand the logistics network. Planning also focused on optimising transport routes and costs, as the company has many customers in southern Germany, Austria, Italy and the Balkans. As a result, CPL has moved closer to its customers in southern Germany and Europe and the transport routes are shorter and more efficient.


CPL has also invested in new facilities in order to ensure the best workflows while ensuring an efficient workflow. The focus was also on the optimal workplace design for the employees. Both the individual requirements of the employees and the obligation to design workplaces in accordance with health aspects were met here as well as at the other service locations. In 2 addition to the cleaning systems, the new production hall also houses an intermediate storage facility and quality assurance, so that an optimum workflow is guaranteed. Bright office space and social rooms are also integrated.


"The current investment in our new location in Schweitenkirchen secures our growth", says Michael Heikenfeld, CSO of Cartonplast, "and also through the newly developed pallets in combination with our layer pads we are now ideally positioned with a one-stop transport service for our customers", adds Thomas Grimm, Head of Supply Chain Management. "This investment helps us to meet the continuing high demand for plastic layer pads for transport. The use of reusable transport products is growing in the market and with the market, securing jobs in Schweitenkirchen as well as at the other Cartonplast sites," sums up Serkan Koray, CEO of Cartonplast.


ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification after opening in Schweitenkirchen


The ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification audit was successfully completed at the end of October, although the site had only been in operation for a very short time. This is an excellent performance of the whole team. With this certification, Cartonplast once again confirms that its quality management system at all Service Center locations worldwide meets the high market expectations and guarantees a high level of quality assurance throughout the entire service process for the layer pads.


"Cartonplast pays attention to an effective quality and environmental management system at all locations. The achievement of our corporate goals is reflected in the measurable quality results from our efficient and transparent service processes. And the best proof of our quality capability are our successfully completed ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification audits," explains Sebastian Brzozowski, Head of QA.


Cartonplast, with its headquarters in Dietzenbach, Germany, uses its PLPs at more than 130 production sites in 20 countries to transport glass, cans and PET containers to the filling plants. The Outsourcing Transport System is successful worldwide with 7,300 participating bottlers mainly in the beverage and food industry in 30 countries. Currently, 45 million PLPs with more than 140 million circulations are in use each year in the environmentally friendly Closed Loop Pooling concept. As a company in the European top group of transport packaging, CPL strives to increase the impact of its rentable reusable transport products.