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Cartonplast Ibérica presents its II Sustainability Awards

November 02, 2022


● Mahou Group, García-Carrión Group and Verallia Iberia received the awards in recognition of their Best Practices in the Use of Cartonplast´s Interlayers.

● The winners have received a commemorative diploma and 50 trees planted in collaboration with “Bosques Sostenibles” reforestation project, as an aid to their sustainability and CO2 compensation plans.


From left to right: Néstor González (Cartonplast Sales and Group Commercial Projects Manager), Juan Francisco Ciriza (Mahou-San Miguel Environmental Director), Paulo Pinto (General Manager Verallia Spain and Portugal), Virginia Muriel (Sustainability Manager García-Carrión Group) and José María Carrasco (CEO Cartonplast Iberia)


Cartonplast Ibérica, pioneer in the management of reusable transport packaging, has given its II Sustainability Awards, during a gala held in Madrid, to Mahou Group, in the category of Large Beverage filler(beers); to García – Carrión Group, in the category of Large Beverage filler(multiproduct); and to Verallia Iberia, in the category of Food and Beverage Packaging Manufacturer.


With these awards, Cartonplast rewards, for the second consecutive year, companies in the food and beverage sector that contribute the most to generating a positive impact on the environment. "Our goal, of course, is to recognize and give visibility to these companies that share with us a vision of business from sustainability and circularity, but also to promote the evolution and transformation of the logistics sector and reusable packaging, seeking the best practices in respect and care for the environment. We are very proud of the work of our team and our partners in this regard during 2022, and we hope to continue this path in the future," said José María Carrasco, CEO of Cartonplast Ibérica, during his speech at the ceremony.


The jury, which was composed of members of associations, independent companies and Cartonplast itself, has considered the scope and implementation of good practices in the use of interlayers and plastic pallets, as well as its value in reducing the environmental impact within the supply chain of each of the finalists. The final decision was unanimous:


- In the category of Best Practices in the Use of Interlayers - Large Beverage Fillers (Beer), the winner was Mahou Group for his good handling practices of Cartonplast´s interlayers in Iberia avoiding the emission of 48.2 Tn of CO2 eq in 2021.


- In the category of Best Practices in the Use of Interlayers - Large Beverage Filler (Multiproduct), the winner was García-Carrión Group for his good handling practices of Cartonplast´s interlayers in Iberia avoiding the emission of 13.40 Tn of CO2 eq in 2021.


- In the category of Best Practices in the Use of Interlayers - Food and Beverage Packaging Manufacturers, the winner was Verallia Iberia, for his good handling practices of Cartonplast´s interlayers in Iberia avoiding the emission of 23.24 Tn of CO2 eq in 2021. Also, in recognition of its commitment to recyclability in Iberia together with Ecoembes and its international new electric Furnace projects.


The awards recognize good practices in the management of Cartonplast´s reusable transport packaging, which enables a more efficient operation and a longer useful life of the same, achieving a lower environmental impact that benefits all users and society.


The winners receive, in addition to the commemorative diploma, a participation in the “Bosques Sostenibles” project for reforestation. As a result of this initiative, Cartonplast is responsible, on their behalf, for planting a total of 150 trees that will help them to continue working to offset the CO2 emissions of their activity and will absorb a total of 24,600 kg of CO2 over a period of 40 years. This reforestation will take place in areas devastated by fires in Spain with the aim of restoring and protect two ecosystems of great value for our country: Sierra de Gredos and the Iruelas Valley.


"For us it is a source of pride to be able to celebrate these sustainability awards, to recognize and give visibility to the companies in our sector that work hand in hand with this objective. As part of the supply chain, all of us are responsible for walking in the right direction, protecting and expanding our business, but also respecting the commitments of the sustainable development goals. We only have one planet, and in this case, there are no second chances. I firmly believe that it is time to ask ourselves individually and collectively what we can do to achieve a more sustainable world. We will continue investigating, collaborating and supporting all our partners in this regard," concludes Néstor González, Sales and Group Commercial Projects Manager at Cartonplast Ibérica.


About Cartonplast Group

The Cartonplast Group was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Dietzenbach, Germany. Cartonplast PLP interlayers are used at more than 130 production sites in 26 countries to transport glass, cans and PETs containers to packaging plants. As Europe's largest operator in the reusable PLP rental model, Cartonplast has a close network of service centers.

Pioneers in a green business model, they have more than 30 years of experience in the distribution, collection, sorting and cleaning, as well as management, of reusable transport packaging. This closed loop, environmentally friendly concept is one of the most successful outsourcing systems in Europe, serving 7,300 bottlers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors in 26 countries. They currently handle 55 million PLP and more than 160 million services each year from one of Cartonplast's 18 service centers.


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